Tour Players Responsibility – Growing The Game

Do the tour players have a responsibility for growing the game? This article is being written after the finish of the Open Championship, but the interview given by Rory Mcllroy really hit me the wrong way. This being said, I agree as a former PGA Tour player myself we play the game to win, but we have a responsibility to fans especially to junior golfers to grow the game we love. When in the public eye players need to maintain a profile to encourage and give those that admire them the reason to continue to follow them and other players and help create dreams. I say this because the greats of the past did the same for all of us, and I feel it is the responsibility of modern players to do the same. The contempt shown by Mcllroy in this interview was uncalled for.

 The Olympic subject is one of concern, but the decisions by players to withdraw is a personal one, and one that the media and fans should respect. For fans and media alike to question and form opinions of players decisions is ill informed. The fact that the last two majors are so close together and with this being a Ryder Cup year, should be enough to justify their decisions. I feel  Jordan Speith and some other players did a good job to  tell the world why they made their decisions. With this being the first time in many many years that golf is back in the Olympic rotation leaves a lot of questions about the format, and more importantly security at this particular venue. It is my opinion, and that of others, that the Olympic games should be for amateurs, if I’m correct that is what the Olympics were based on.
The interviews of Phil Michelson and Hendrick Stenson show the respect that has been a part of the great game of golf we all love and cherish. This shows we all want to win. It can be a personal goal, and the game can shine as a result of hard work and performance… without arrogance. The PGA Tour spends a lot of time helping players dealing with the press and giving knowledge on how to give interviews and deal with interview situations.This is why I feel Rory dropped the ball with his performance at his interview. I personally I feel this cost him a considerable amount of fans. PGA Tour players make a considerable amount of money from tournament purses as well as endorsement money, and this is all a result of fan loyalty to players, tournaments, and equipment brands. In my opinion Rory seemed to take this for granted and has forgotten that he has a duty to fans as well as the game.