Like many golf fans in the United States, the Ryder Cup has become a huge disappointment to say the least. Watching the poor performance of the U.S. team is discouraging and honestly embarrassing to the sport. The implementation of a task force to address the process in which the PGA of America chooses and runs the team is a start but far from a perfect resolution. This process will ultimately take time.
The main move that I personally feel is the best so far is including the players themselves in this process; they are the ones that play the event and should have significant input in the decision making.  The players becoming a part of this process makes this event more personal and that is what Europe has always done. The selection of the captain should be up to the players —  they have to mesh and have respect for that individual for optimum results and comradere – something that has surely been lacking in past Ryder Cup tournaments.
In addition, the revenue from this event is significant and profit sharing with all team players should be included whether it is to them personally or to a charity of their choice. I truly believe that in order to bring out the absolute best from a player, there has to be a reward to push them to perform their best.  
The Ryder Cup needs to come back to the forefront of golf in the United States, along with the personal and patriotic pride that should go along with it – much like the Olympics. When it eventually does get back to the glamour and glory it once held, the growth of the Ryder Cup will be immesurable. I say bring on the changes!