In this video I’m working with Joseph Lopez on synchronization of his arms and body especially in his back swing but throughout his entire swing. I had him working on a 3/4 swing back and through using The Swing Gyde and the Swing Link, making sure he was swinging at 65-70% to help with feel and muscle memory. His greatest fault is that his swing is dominated by the separation between his arms and his torso. His hands are extremely active and the club face gets shut at the top. By using these teaching aides I’m trying to create a simple and more efficient motion in his golf swing. The Swing Gyde must hit every time in his back swing and his follow through, this creates a lighter club along with a square club face and in his follow through his left wrist is flat not cupped. The most important result in this drill with these aides is it feels weak so his core and big muscles become more involved and active through impact and forcing the hands to become more passive. Consistent impact and ball first contact is the goal.

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