In the game of golf today, it seems as though players have become one dimensional and are too concerned about how far they hit the ball as opposed to how accurate they are. Watching Tour players and top amateurs can be an excellent classroom for golfers but can also be detrimental to the average golfer or junior golfers. I have said for years that golfers should pay close attention to LPGA tournaments in order to learn how to play a game that is more within the average golfers capabilities.  The women hit more realistic drives, hybrid, and iron shots that golfers can relate to and, therefore, learn from to help improve their games.  Their tempo and pace are more realistic for the average golfer.  
I recently watched the South African Open where Charl Schwartzel went from running away with the tournament to losing a 5-shot lead in the final round due to his unwillingness to change and adapt his game plan to put the ball in the fairway off the tee. We watch many sports and how many times during a game do we see teams adapt when things are not working to change the outcome? I feel this is something that golfers need to do during a poor round to change momentum.   If a player is driving the ball poorly, they should use a 3-wood or hybrid to get the ball into the fairway and give themselves a chance to hit greens and improve accuracy.  This will allow them to gain confidence and most likely salvage a poor round. Hitting a drive 300+ yards is great if it lands in the fairway, but if it does not then the player is immediately at a disadvantage.  Being able to adapt is critical for a golfer to achieve the best possible result and improve not only in score but to build confidence in their game.